...what is Domótica?

JG Componentes was founded in 1982, by José Gonçalves.
In the early times of the personal computers expansion age, JG produced interfaces especially adapted to the portuguese market needs and electronic messages panels.

It also establishes:
• Exclusive representation and distribuition of computer hardware and consumable products from great worldwide manufacturers.
• Business ventures with international companies, in the technical and service areas of the personal printer market.
This business formula joined to offering high quality products & services and to bring total satisfaction to the costumers, JG don't delay to reach relevant business success in the North zone of Portugal.
Sr. José Gonçalves
CEO fouder of JG Domótica
In the earlys 90's, JG Componentes diversified.
It begins to produce, in their installations, all kinds of PC & MAC compatibles memory modules, even to desktop as to laptops computers becoming this way in the only manufacturer of this hi-tec product in the Iberic Territory.
With the purpose to increase their services and products standards, JG begins the implementation process of a Quality and Guarantee System. Then, was adopted the EN ISO 9001 norm, a warrant model of quality in the development, production, installation and post-sales assistance.
The JG supplier companies are also ISO certified.
The 90's decade was worldwide marked by geo-politic order changes and by the global-market phenomenon. Faced these new business opportunities and high competitive scenarios, it becomes necessary to stablish projects to confront the future with innovation skills. Into this creative vision José Gonçalves decides to found a business company capable to develop and produce a new products line that allows the automation of a home basic functions in order to increase the confort and securtity levels and to reduce the energetic consumption.
In 1999, surges JG Domótica.
A multidisciplinar team was called to integrate the JG Research & Delopment Department, wich has the mission to investigate, produce and contact, in a permanent way, the technological research departments of the electronic components market giants manufacturers (Hitachi, Matsushita, Mitsubishi etc.), in order to produce the necessary components that integrate our systems according to JG Domótica specifications and needs.
This difficult job was the one who brings successfully two home automation systems entirely created and produced in Portugal.
The systems called Domus and Intelligent, superated, in many ways, the initially proposal expectations.
Between many characteristics, these products are distinguished by their versatility, modern design, user friendly interaction, remote control and, above all, it brings an excellent economic costs/benefits relation.
Mounting components in an JG Domótica Intelligent System Rack May 2003
In the near future, JG Domótica will invest in the society automation in order to contribute with their development, confort and lifestyle.
It is possible to introduce in the environmental matters all these automation and control universe.
Soon, there are projects, developed by JG Domótica that envolves domestic garbage treatment and recycled systems, where is possible to interact in their compactation and selection. Also with the waters treatments and the renewable energy exploration.
In JG Domótica, the frontiers between
the imagination and reality
where demolished!
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