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     The increasing speed of global warming is so fast that various countries’ environmental protection association or local government are filled with anxiety. They are trying their best to encourage the corporate to produce energy saving products or alternative energy source. Various countries’ government and enterprises all devote to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. Various enterprises in the world zealously invest in research and development industry. After solar energy products came out, the LED lighting has been described as a pivotal energy technology that has a promising future.

     JG Domotica ,behalf the manufacturer, unified the various of professionals in the energy saving field. Since the RD team was established, we have been devoting ourselves to research and develop the products of Energy Saving and Environmental Protections. We made excellent results repeatedly by unceasing endeavour. Our commodities and products are unique. We have been getting multi-country patents and passed many strict product testing, inspections and certification from the international authentication units. We thoroughly solved the heat dissipation problem of high power LED street lamps and highly advanced to the next boundary of LED lighting.

     Numerous of large illumination companies and factories are heavily investing in research and development, trying to hold the market of LED industry. When they are still frustrated in the heat dissipation problems, R&D team finally developed a special material for heat dissipation technology after many times of failure and trials , and successfully passed the test in the Institute of Optical Sciences of National Central University, Industrial Technology Research Institute and SGS in European Union. Our heat dissipation technology is leading many major companies and factories in the world.

     We not only rank among the high-tech leading groups in the world but also contribute our effort to the earth where we all live on.